Tension Rods Buying Guide


A tension rod is an ideal non-permanent option for hanging curtains. They are perfect for renters who don’t want to drill holes in the walls. Tension rods are super handy and can be easily installed without the use of tools, therefore causing no damage to your walls. They are positioned between two facing surfaces, such as the interior frame of a window or the opposing sides of a shower cubicle. These rods are ideal for light curtains and voiles as well as shower curtains. They are very multi-functional, as they can even be used to create extra rails in your wardrobe or laundry room, maximising storage space.



Currently our tension rods are available in White and Brushed Nickel sizes and are available in a range of sizes:

Diameter: 19mm and 25mm
Extendable 45-70cm
Extendable 60-100cm
Extendable 70-120cm
Extendable 90-160cm
Extendable 120-210cm