Mattress Protectors & Toppers Buying Guide


Do you use a mattress topper or protector? If not, you should definitely consider investing in one or both of these bedding essentials. Our guide has all the information you need to help you choose a topper and/or protector that best meets your needs.


Why Buy a Mattress Protector or Topper?

Before deciding which mattress protector or topper to buy, you should be aware of their function and benefits.

Mattress protectors extend the life of your mattress by acting as a protective, hygienic layer, keeping it free from stains, bacteria, dust mites and general wear and tear. They are also designed to improve your sleep by providing thermoregulation, retaining your body heat in the winter and keeping you cool and comfortable in the summer. Many of our mattress protectors even come with co-ordinating pillow protectors to ensure you get long lasting durability from both your pillows and mattress.

Mattress toppers protect your mattress in the same way as a protector. As they are substantially thicker than protectors, they also add a luxurious extra layer for improved comfort and heightened support while you sleep. They can help to increase the lifespan of a new mattress, or make an uncomfortable old mattress feel like new. We recommend using one with a mattress protector for added longevity.

What to Look for When Buying A Protector/Topper


A waterproof mattress protector or topper will provide protection against spillages or accidents, keeping your mattress clean and dry. This makes them ideal for families with young children. Our Waterproof Terry Mattress Protector has a breathable towelling surface and waterproof backing, which provides complete protection for a comfortable night’s sleep.


Allergy suffers, or those with sensitive skin, should look for protectors and toppers made from hypoallergenic materials such as cotton, microfibre and fleece. As many of our protectors and toppers are hypoallergenic, you will have a range to choose from. The below are some examples from our selection:

As the name suggests, our 100% Cotton Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector is specially designed for allergy sufferers, preventing the build-up of dust mites.

The fleece material of the Plush Fleece Mattress Protector is hypoallergenic.

Our Aloe Vera Mattress Protector is perfect for sensitive skin and allergies.

Perfect Slumber Mattress Topper has a non-allergenic microfibre filling.

The covers of our Bailey & Cole Luxury and Luxury Fusion. Mattress Toppers are made from 100% Cotton, a naturally hypoallergenic fabric.



As you already know, a good mattress protector and topper should be thermoregulating. This means that it should be breathable. Cotton is the perfect fabric for this purpose, as it is naturally moisture wicking. Almost all of our protectors and toppers are made with 100% Cotton covers, so you can be assured of a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Bamboo fibres are also incredibly breathable and moisture wicking, as proven by our Ambian Bamboo Mattress Protector. What’s more, the Ventilation Mattress Topper has been specially designed for breathability, with a unique mesh 5cm wall that allows fresh air to ventilate the topper.

Memory Foam Support (Toppers)

When buying a Mattress Topper, consider one made from memory foam. Memory foam will adapt to your body shape and provide additional support for your head, neck and body. This is ideal for those looking to relieve pressure in their joints and avoid the development of aches and pains. Our Regal, Premium Luxury and Cosy Comfort toppers have a memory foam and hollowfibre 5cm deep filling to ensure a restful night’s sleep for any kind of sleeper.

Mattress protectors and toppers do not require any special care, making them a highly practical addition to your bedding collection. They can be machine washed at home, with no need for dry cleaning. It is also recommended that you air your mattress topper on a regular basis. To avoid any tears, be careful not to agitate the topper foam too much.