Tips & Ideas for Gift Wrapping

The season for giving is upon us, and no matter what presents you decide to gift your loved ones, a well-wrapped package always makes it more meaningful. Whether you love wrapping gifts or find it to be a chore, we have some Christmas gift-wrapping ideas that will make the task more fulfilling. It’s time to elevate your gifts this season!

1. Make It Easy

Ensure you have everything you need set up for the task at hand. A large clean surface is essential. You will need a good pair of scissors, tape, and your chosen paper and accessories to get started.

With awkward-shaped items, try placing them in a box to make them easier to wrap. For longer items, try creating a cracker by tying the paper together on each end using twine or ribbon. If you are still struggling with oddly shaped gifts, we’ve got a great selection of gift bags. 

2. Wrapping For Kids

Of course, most kids love brightly coloured, vibrant gift-wrapping paper, glitter, and characters. Home Store + More has a great selection to choose from. Create cut-out shapes and add them to plain paper or draw Christmas shapes like trees, stars, and characters for little ones to colour in. You can even add googly eyes, tassels, or pom poms for an added extra element of surprise!

3. Add A Decoration

This technique is easy to keep gift wrapping clean and classy this holiday season. You can personalise your gift tag by swapping it out for a bauble or Christmas tree decoration. Add the receiver’s name, initials or a special message on the ornament with markers.

4. Personalise it

On the topic of personalised decorations. Another idea instead of gift tags is to attach an oversized paper letter with the recipient's initials to the top of the gift box or parcel. You can even cut this out of leftover paper or use glitter, coloured or textured card.

5. Captured Moments

This super cute and personalised gift wrap idea has many things to love. Many people forget to get their photographs printed these days. Adding a photo of a special memory from the year or a beautiful scene gives a bonus gift and a sweet keepsake!

6. Make It Sustainable

Are you trying to create less waste and be more conscious this year? The fantastic idea is to use some beautiful fabrics or garments to wrap your gift. Home Store + More has a wonderful array of tablecloths and napkins in beautiful festive prints that would be perfect for this, which means the receiver receives an additional keepsake.

8. Christmas Jars & Containers

Have you ever considered putting your gift in a big or small jar? It looks beautiful, and it’s a creative touch. It’s also a nice way to show someone you care by putting a bit of your time into Christmas gift wrapping. It’s not for big Christmas gifts, but it’s just perfect for baked or cooked goods, like chutneys, jams, candles maybe even dog treats. The opportunities are endless!

8. Fun For Everyone

Get the whole family involved! Little kids will love getting involved by personalizing paper and getting the potato stamps out; this will keep the kids busy for hours. If you want to avoid the mess, markers or tape can be just as effective. Grandparents and extended family will love this special touch!

9. The Wonder Of Nature

Gather the family together for a winter walk to collect foliage like pine cones, evergreen leaves, and eucalyptus, and these are budget-friendly ways to add a special touch to your presents. Little ones will be delighted to see their nature collection incorporated into gifts. We also love using dried oranges; not only do they smell divine when being dried, but they look beautiful too.

10. A Sweet Surprise

Adding candy canes is a ‘sweet’ way to add a cute touch of cheerfulness to your Christmas gifts! Especially if the recipient is a confectionary lover. You can choose from any sweets; however, festive-inspired treats work best to keep everything in the theme. Your loved one will be delighted to have a tasty edible item and a beautiful gift.