Gas vs Charcoal BBQ

Yes, it's that time of year again; the evenings are getting longer and brighter, summer is coming, and it's officially BBQ season. Time to gather with friends and family and enjoy those long summer evenings, and what better way than a summer BBQ?

Whether you are a first-time BBQ buyer or just looking for an upgrade, we have a wide range of BBQs that will suit you and your household. It's important to know what type of BBQ you are looking for before buying, and we have all your questions answered right here!


If you want to cook outside, gas BBQs are your best option. You can BBQ easily at the flick of a button (you may have to change your gas depending on the number of times you're BBQing, but a large gas cylinder should do you the season). As well as being relatively fast to heat up and get cooking, the gas grill allows you to set accurate temperatures, therefore better overall cooking control. The heat is direct and consistent, coming from two to six burners, depending on your preference and needs. The more burners on the BBQ, the more types of food you can cook at once. Two burners will give you two temperature zones, while six burners will give you six. This enables quick and easy cooking, ideal for midweek evenings and larger groups to churn out food quicker.


Charcoal is the trickier of the two to start with. However, don't let the lighting put you off. Invest in a good charcoal chimney or smoker (our Bighorn is perfect), where you can light the coals with one or two sheets of newspaper and have a strong flow of oxygen rising from the coals. The charcoal may be slightly more time-consuming to light, but the smoker is versatile. You can sear foods on a high heat or slow cook them by wrapping the food in tin foil and placing it in the coals. You still get the amazing smokey taste, and the food falls apart as if it's been cooked for a much longer time.

In a nutshell, grilling means cooking over a fire, hot and fast. Barbecuing means low and slow, and smoking means cooking something with smoke (also low and slow). Smoking and barbecuing, however, are all about the meat. The low temperatures and long cooking times help large, tough cuts of meat turn meltingly tender and express their full flavours. Shop our fantastic range of gas and charcoal BBQs today!