Large Containers

While it is nice to have elegant small storage, more often than not you will also need to have some large containers for your bulkier items. As we declutter, we may find that there is a lot of stuff hanging around that really isn’t used as much as we thought. After assessing what is really needed on a daily basis, we can begin to pack up those lesser used objects and get them out of sight.

Large storage containers are always handy for this task and can be placed up in the attic or in the garage. These can always be accessed when needed but odds are you won’t be touching them for a while. If you find you have some space under beds or shelves, you could always maximise this space by using a storage container with wheels. They will glide in and out with ease.

And of course, be sure to donate anything you may not use again to a charity shop. Bring your items in these containers and drop them off so they can be reused and recycled, doing your bit for both charity and the environment.