Tips & Ideas For Setting The Table This Christmas

1. Style

Consider what style your home is and choose pieces and colours that will incorporate well into the setting. For example, if you have a modern home, choose clean and simple designs, with muted tones and colours.

If you have a traditional home choose traditional styles with colours such as red, green and gold. For a country home, chose rustic pieces with earthy tones.

Maybe you have young children then consider incorporating colour and fun prints for a little bit of magic. We went with a warm red, silver and gold theme, which is more of a traditional theme.

2. Table Linen

A great way to start the search for your festive table linen. Mixing plain tablecloths with pattern napkins or the opposite also works. We would not recommend mixing patterns unless you really know what you are doing.

Choose Plaid and Damask patterns for more traditional homes and Paisley and Mariseilles prints for more modern homes.

4. Creating a centrepiece Garland Runner

Creating a beautiful centrepiece doesn’t need to break the bank. This no-fuss garland runner with white candles, combined with baubles and pine cones is the perfect way to decorate your table for the holidays without spending too much time or money!