Tidy home, tidy mind


Do you ever feel like your home has grown a little cluttered over time? Are you beginning to run short on space that you once had? Well not to fear, there is no time like the present to tackle those overdue storage projects. Keeping your home organised may feel like a never-ending task but by following some of our simple tips, you will be amazed at how effortlessly you can keep on top of it. You wouldn’t believe how small steps can make such a big difference!


Small Storage Organisation:

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A lot of the clutter that accumulates in our homes does so because we use those items on a regular basis. The kids’ toys might be thrown here or there, a tv remote or two may have ended up being left in the wrong place. It’s small things like these that begin to pile up after a while which is why small storage is the answer.

Small storage can easily be incorporated into the overall aesthetic of your home. Subtle baskets with neutral tones look very well in even the most stylish of living rooms, providing form as well as function. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all your everyday items are accessible while hidden away at the same time.

Cube storage is another fantastic way to integrate some organisation in a tasteful manner. Slide the cube onto a shelf or simply stack on top of each other. You’ll be able to save space without having to compromise on style.

Large Containers

While it is nice to have elegant small storage, more often than not you will also need to have some large containers for your bulkier items. As we declutter, we may find that there is a lot of stuff hanging around that really isn’t used as much as we thought. After assessing what is really needed on a daily basis, we can begin to pack up those lesser used objects and get them out of sight.

Large storage containers are always handy for this task and can be placed up in the attic or in the garage. These can always be accessed when needed but odds are you won’t be touching them for a while. If you find you have some space under beds or shelves, you could always maximise this space by using a storage container with wheels. They will glide in and out with ease.

And of course, be sure to donate anything you may not use again to a charity shop. Bring your items in these containers and drop them off so they can be reused and recycled, doing your bit for both charity and the environment.


Kitchen Organisation

We all know that the kitchen is one of the easiest rooms in the house to become disorganised. Often the focal point of the home, it is used by young and old at the busiest times of the day.

A lot of our kitchen clutter can come from leftovers after dinner. It’s a good idea to keep a good supply of airtight food storage. Anything that is leftover can be placed in these straight after and neatly placed in the fridge. Stacking a few of these on top of each other is a great way to save fridge space and get as much food in there as possible.

Bag clips are always handy to have just in case you need to keep your food fresher for longer. This will prevent spillages and ensure that your shelves are free from mess. An additional tip for when you’re preparing food is to use a compost caddy. This will neatly store any fruit or vegetable waste until you are ready to take it to the compost heap, getting it out of sight. The caddy’s carbon filters ensure that your kitchen will smell lovely and fresh.

Clothes Organisation

It can be difficult to make space for all our clothes. You may often open your wardrobe and wonder how you will find anything in there. Shoes may be thrown here and there along by your bed, using up valuable floor space. Your bedroom is where you sleep, all that clutter will not help when you’re trying to relax and unwind. If your wardrobe is bulging, it might be best to assess what you will and will not need for the upcoming season. Perhaps there are bulky clothes taking up space and you could do with reducing how much you are keeping in your wardrobe.

Vacuum bags are an excellent option if you are planning on storing away some clothes as you approach a new season. Simply attach to your vacuum and power on. You can easily slide the reduced bag onto the top shelf of a wardrobe or under a bed. If you want your clothes to be as fresh as possible at the end of the season, pick up some scented vacuum bags. To free some floor space, get as many shoe boxes as you need and stack them on top of each other. Make sure to get clear boxes so you can easily find whichever pair you’re looking for, even if you’re in a rush. If there are dresses or suits lying around your bedroom, grab some protector bags and hang them up so that dust can’t get at them.


And of course, the humble coat rack can take its fair share of clothing items. Place one in your hall for your family and guests’ coats. But you can also place one in your bedroom and store handbags or other items of clothing on it. When it comes to organisation, ottomans are another way of combining style and practicality. You can discreetly hide day-to-day items in there while also adding to your bedroom, or indeed living room, décor. Thirdly, they also provide an extra seating option if needs be and are handy for moving around from room to room. Keeping your home organised has never been easier. While our lives can be pretty hectic, hopefully some of the above tips can help you combat clutter and introduce a little more space into your rooms and into your life. A tidy home is a happy home.

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