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Uninterrupted sleeping bliss

The Original adapts according to your body shape, weight and your sleeping style. The medium firm surface gives you unparalleled support and comfort when lying down. Try it at home for 200 nights risk-free and find out what it's like to lie down on a cloud.

Thanks to our zero motion transfer technology, the Original is ideal for couples. If your partner tosses and turns at night, your sleep stays uninterrupted. And our breathable top layer keeps you cool at night so you can wake up the next day full of energy!

emma mattress

Exceptionally supportive

So you wake up feeling energised, your spine needs to be perfectly aligned and your shoulders and hips well supported. At a medium firmness level, the Emma mattress does just that – thanks to the advanced zoning and adaptable foams that gently cradle your body.

emma mattress


Make aches and pains a thing of the past: Our high-quality foams distribute pressure evenly across the entire mattress to relieve all pressure. The excellent motion isolating properties also mean you’ll never be disturbed by a lively partner.

emma mattress

Refreshingly cool

To guarantee you never wake up in a sweat, we used foams that are unlike traditional memory foams. These high-quality layers are breathable and open-pored, so air can pass freely through the mattress and you stay comfortably cool.

Temperature-regulated top cover

This elastic cover fits your mattress perfectly and is made from special fibres that regulate humidity and keep moisture away.

Breathable Airgocell foam

Our breathable Airgocell foam absorbs moisture and keeps air flowing through the mattress smoothly. You’ll also stay cool all night, thanks to this wonderfully temperature-regulating and open-pored foam.

Pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam

Visco-elastic memory foam contours to your body and distributes pressure evenly across the mattress. This modern marvel in the middle also ensures you sleep comfortably in any sleeping position possible.

Supportive HRX foam

HRX foam provides the necessary counter pressure to keep your spine aligned and to support your back. It also exceptionally points elastic, so you won't feel your partner moving on the mattress.

Emma Original Mattress - Single
Original Emma Mattress - Single
€499.00 €249.50
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Emma Original Mattress - Double
Original Emma Mattress - Double
€799.00 €399.50
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Emma Original Mattress - King
Original Emma Mattress - King
€899.00 €449.50
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Emma Original Mattress - Super King
Original Emma Mattress - Super King
€1,059.00 €529.50
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