Easy Back To School Lunch Ideas

  • The staple sliced pan sandwich cut into shapes to add some fun to your child's lunchbox.
  • For variety, why not fill a healthy bagel with all their favourites? Cream cheese tastes great and is a nice substitute for standard cheddar.
  • Another alternative to bread is the wrap, versatile enough for adding any fillings and easy for little mouths to eat.
  • A simple alternative to sandwiches is nutritious chopped vegetables, perfect for little hands. Peppers, celery, and carrots are ideal for dipping in hummus, don't forget to add some crackers.
  • If you’re having pasta for dinner, make a little extra for your child’s lunchbox for the next day.
  • It’s always a great idea to include a small tub of fruit for something sweet but healthy to enjoy.
  • Make your very own yoghurt pot with granola for added taste and crunch.
  • Don’t forget to pick up a water bottle to wash everything down, a brightly coloured one will help make water seem a little more fun!

The above is just a selection of ideas for making lunchtime more exciting and varied for your child at school. With a bit of preparation, you’ll be whipping up some delicious treats for them to enjoy day in, day out!