Christmas Tree Lights Buying Guide


The first and most important thing you will need to think about when decorating your tree is choosing the right lighting. Whatever your style or budget, your Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your festive décor. The first and most important thing you will need to think about when decorating your tree is choosing the right lighting. At Homestore + More, we offer a huge range of lights in a multitude of colours and lengths, with up to 8 lighting modes and a memory hold function. Use this tree light buying guide to help you shop the range and create the Christmas tree of your dreams!

How Many Lights Do I Need for My Tree?

At Homestore + More, you can choose from 10-2000 bulb sets, making it easy to light up your tree from top to bottom without having to buy boxes upon boxes of lights! The amount of lights you’ll need will vary depending on the height of your tree.
As a general rule, we recommend the following:

Tree Size: Amount of Bulbs:
8 Foot Tree 2000-2500 Bulbs
7 Foot Tree 1500-2000 Bulbs
6 Foot Tree 1000-1500 Bulbs

Christmas Light Colours

The colour of your Christmas tree lights can transform the look and personality of the room. We offer lights in warm white, white, multi-colours and ice blue, all of which help to create different vibes:

Warm White: Warm white lights will add a cosy ambience to your room, perfect for warming up on those cold winter nights. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere for your holiday guests. Some of our most popular warm white lights include the 480 Warm White Ultrabright LED Lights, 1000 Warm White LED Cluster Lights and our 200 Warm Ultra Bright LED Chaser Lights.

White: Ideal if you are looking to achieve a classic wintery feel. Examples of our white lights include the 25 White LED Lights, 20 White Snowflake Flashing LED Lights and our 1000 White LED Cluster Lights.

Multi-coloured: Multi-coloured lights will create a fun atmosphere that’s great for festive parties or homes with children. The 100 Multicolour LED Cluster Lights, 1000 Multicolour LED Cluster Lights and 200 Multicolour Ultra Bright LED Chaser Lights are some of most popular multi-coloured selections.

Ice Blue: The perfect choice for creating a stunning ‘Winter Wonderland’ look in your own home. Check out our 200 Ice Blue Ultra Bright LED Chaser Lights and 500 Ice Blue LED Cluster Lights from our Ice Blue range.

If you’re a fairy light lover, why not double up and mix and match colours for extra festive sparkle?


LED Type

All of our Christmas lights have LED bulbs, as they have many benefits that make them a more practical choice over other bulb types:

Why Buy LED?

LED bulbs are tough and durable, reducing the chance of accidental breakages when hanging them up or storing them in the attic.

They can last up to ten times longer than other kinds of lights.

They use up to 75% less energy, making the very eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

They reduce the risk of fire since they don't emit heat, making them the safest choice for Christmas trees.

LEDs are also more versatile, as they are often used to make novelty shaped lights that can make your Christmas tree look even more festive. Our 20 White Snowflake Flashing LED Lights, 24 Colour Changing Sculptures Icicle Lights and our 224 LED Copper Wire Wall Silhouette Christmas Tree are perfect examples of this.

Our brand new Star Bright LED Bulbs have a brilliant shine, with an added twinkle function for the ultimate festive feel. These include our 500 Warm White LED Star Bright Compact Lights, 500 White LED Star Bright Compact Lights and 500 Multicolour LED Star Bright Compact Lights, to name a few.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Tree Lights: Top Tips

Use an extension lead if using multiple sets of lights to prevent overloading your sockets.

Turn the lights on to test them before putting them on the tree – this will save you a lot of time in the long run if they don’t work!

Make sure you know how to hang your lights on the tree in order to enjoy their full effect. We recommend choosing one the 3 methods below:


The most commonly used method to hang tree lights. Starting at the top or bottom of your tree, wrap the lights over and under the branches.

Get creative by putting some of the lights deeper into the tree, or by alternating the patterns so that it looks more organic.


Start with the plug-less end of your lights at the top or bottom of the tree and let the lights lay vertically like a seam.

Each time you reach the top or bottom, turn the lights back the other way until you have a sideways "S" pattern around the whole tree.

This method makes the lights appear brighter, as they are less likely to be covered up by other branches.

It also makes it easier to spread the lights around the tree, and to take them down again after Christmas!


There are many hacks you can use to store your lights in order to avoid detangling and replacing bulbs next Christmas:

Cardboard Hack:

Take a piece of rectangular cardboard and cut slits down each side. You can then slot your lights into the slits and wind them around the board. This means that they can be stored flat.

Coat Hanger Hack:

Wrapping your lights around a coat hanger will stop them from getting tangled, while allowing them to be easily stored in a wardrobe or cupboard.

Wrapping Paper Roll Hack:

This Christmas, keep the rolls of cardboard from your wrapping paper to one side. When it’s time to take your lights down, cut a slit in the top and bottom of each roll so that the lights can be secured, winding them all the way down the roll.