Living Room

Set the mood and snuggle up, the sitting room is a place of leisure and relaxation. Sit back and unwind in rich fabrics, soft textures and inspiring colours perfect for creating your dream living room. You can find a large range of throws, cushions, rugs, candles, frames, wall décor and much more to set exactly the mood you want.
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A tidy home helps to create a happy home. Here at home store + more we’ve sourced the best in cleaning detergents to cut back on your time spent cleaning. You can find over 50 different specialist cleaning agents as well as a wide array of cleaning products and gadgets. We also specialise in the organisation, so you have everything you need when you need it. Our comprehensive laundry department helps you to keep on top of those ever piling up towers of dirty clothes. No job is too big or too messy for our home store families.
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