Wiping Down, Sweeping and Mopping

So now your space is cleared. It’s time to get to cleaning down those newly revealed surfaces. This can be quick, effortless and easy. Get your detergent onto your cloth and wipe out the sink, counters, tables, appliances and anything else you see that might need some tending to. You may need a stronger stain remover for the likes of grease but with the right cleaning materials, these can be gotten rid of in an instant. After wiping everything down, you will need to get your trusty sweeping brush and tidy up any dust or dirt that has arisen. Then get your mop and bucket, and let everything sparkle with some floor cleaner.

Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Squirt some bathroom cleaner onto whatever needs cleaning and allow it to soak in for a minute or two. In the meantime, you can grab any towels that may need refreshing and pop them into your laundry basket. Tackle each element one piece at a time. In whatever order you prefer, get wiping your sink, shower or bath, mirror and toilet. This alone might be just what your bathroom needs. However, you can always go one step further and grab some grout or limescale cleaner to provide that extra layer of protection and ensure your walls and fittings are looking their best. Another quick sweep and mop to this room and you’ll be done in no time. You might like to place your favourite reed diffuser on a shelf or window sill as a fragrant finishing touch.