Cleaning Tips:

Organise Any Clutter

It can be daunting to set out on your first cleaning task. The best thing to do is clear up floor space and tidy away surfaces. Plenty of disorganisation can build up over time so reach for some storage containers and just start pulling whatever is out of place. Stack these objects neatly into your storage and you will already begin to feel your head clear, as well as your floors. Things that you use regularly can be stored in nice, bright aesthetic containers that seamlessly fit in with your décor. Other items that may not be needed for a long time, can be packed into bulkier containers and stored in your attic or garage. Also, don’t be afraid to get the rubbish bin for anything that you truly know will never be used. Alternatively, drop your storage containers off at the charity shop if items can be used by somebody new.

Start a Load of Laundry

Once you’ve cleared some space, you may find that the main things that are still left behind are articles of clothing. We all have busy households, and sports gear, active wear, jumpers and jackets might all be hanging around in the most unlikely of places. It’s always good to get a load of laundry together and stick it on. This will further clear more space and you can feel happy taking on your other tasks knowing that the clothes are also being taken care of at the same time. This will increase efficiency and give you an added boost to get to the next task.