Need to focus? The smell of cinnamon may help improve concentration. Try lighting a cinnamon candle in the morning as alternative to coffee.


Lemongrass has a refreshing yet calming scent that is great for alleviating stress and anxiety. One of the best ways to get the most out of this scent is to use it in an oil burner or reed diffuser, which will provide the strongest fragrance.

Lemongrass also works brilliantly with the scent of ginger. These two scents wonderfully compliment each other when paired together. At Home Store + More, you can choose from a wide range of lemongrass and ginger home fragrances from many well-known brands.


Although not the first scent that comes to mind when it comes to mood boosting fragrances, coconut is nevertheless an important one. The tropical scent of a coconut candle can give you that holiday feeling, greatly reducing stress. Like vanilla, the creamy sweetness of coconut can also help to combat sugar cravings.

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