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Punch Colour Catcher & Stain Removal 10pk

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  • Punch 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal simplifies your washing
  • Quite simply, it stops colours running into your clothes and removes stains
  • You don’t have to worry about colours mixing anymore
  • 2in1 COLOUR CATCHER® & Colour Expert Stain Removal fights stains and defends colours all at the same time
  • Relax, there is no more need to worry about stains or sorting
  • These Colour Catchers provides you with impeccable laundry results thanks to its patented COLOUR CATCHER® anti-dye-transfer technology
  • The sachet acts like a magnet: it attracts the dye and holds it, protecting the laundry from discolouration
  • The sachet contains a new generation of powder that works, even at low temperatures, to remove tough stains (including coffee, wine, grease and grass) and a colour protection agent, to keep the original colour of your garments for longer
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