Solar Lights

solar lights care guide solar lights care guide Take advantage of the warm, clear, sunny days and long, still, star filled nights of summer, turn your outside space into your summer escape for relaxing retreats or fun get-togethers with friends and family.

Solar Lights are a great cost effective way to decorate any outside space throughout the day. There are many reasons to buy solar lights to brighten up your summer.

Solar Lights are an eco-friendly lighting option operated from a natural power source that radiate any outside space if enough exposure to light is gained during the day. After a gloomy winter solar lights add that much needed shine and invite you back outside.

solar lights care guide

Put it where the sun does shine

Our range of unique and individual solar lights add ambiance with a shine of originality. Create a focal point in your garden that shines and attracts attention. Spot lights provide much needed light to any dark area ensuring additional safety and security along borders or walkways. Easy to install and easy to relocate with no need for digging, wires or cables making them the perfect tool for summer living.

Illuminating Garden Art

Get creative with solar lights!

solar lights care guide solar lights care guide

Novelty solar lights bring a touch of fun to any greenery – or even if that is missing our solar string leaf lights can fill up any bare space. String lights can easily wrap around any unsightly poles or handrails. If you long for a plentiful tree purchase our solar blossoms that radiate during the night. Our range of elegant lanterns provide a soft light that adds a touch of class in your pots or flower beds. Playful statues like homely garden gnomes or enchanting fairies bring imagination to any dull and dark bedding area. Create a focal point in your garden with a solar ornaments like the popular rotating light house or traditional windmill. Solar wind chimes not only bring much needed light but also enlighten your senses with soft and gentle calming sounds.

No matter what size space you have we have the lighting alternatives that can suit your bright ideas.