Chimenea Care Guide

chimenea care guideChimeneas are an ideal product to have in your garden if you want to get the most out of those long summer nights.

To ensure longevity, chimeneas require care and attention so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

You need to ensure that your chimenea is placed on a flat, fireproof surface for safety reasons and also to guarantee even burning. You should also check that the area you are placing the chimenea is free from debris and flammable materials.

You can seal a chimenea with wax or sealer to protect it further from the elements and ensure its longevity, however chimeneas should be kept inside when they are not being used or stored in a dry place in order to ensure protection from the elements.

If you follow our simple guides on caring for your chimenea, you will be able to enjoy its use for many years.

Caring For Your Cast Iron/Steel Chimenea

Cast iron chimeneas are a popular choice due to their classic look and decorative finish.

Different metals can be cast in different ways: from moulds - where hot liquids are poured into a design mould; wrought from metals - where they are shaped by hammering; or formed into designs.

With the exception of aluminium, metal furniture can rust and lose its finish, which is why it can benefit from extra care.


Preventing rust is the best way to keep your chimenea looking good and lasting for a long time. It is recommended to cover your chimenea or store it someplace dry when not in use, as exposure to the harsh elements such as wind and rain can damage it. If metal chimeneas have been exposed to wet conditions, it is best to dry off the furniture with a clean cloth to prevent water accumulating and rust building up.

Any 'bubbles' of paint that are forming on your metal chimenea are an indication that rust is developing beneath the coating, so it is best to remove these bubbles gently with a wire gauze and touch up the area with car paint to prevent further rusting.

Deep Cleaning

Mix together lukewarm water and a gentle soap that you would use for hand washing. Scrub the chimenea gently with a clean cloth, removing any dirt or debris. Rinse chimenea with a bucket of clean water - do not use a hose as the water pressure could cause further paint damage and chipping. Let it dry, and check for signs of rust. You can gently sand off any further flakes or chips of paint that you see, with circular motions using a wire gauze. Use car paint in a matching colour to gently touch up any areas that need care.

Caring For Your Clay Chimenea

A clay chimenea can be a fantastic addition to your garden or outdoor seating area if cared for properly.

Your clay chimenea should not be left out all year round, as excess water and frost can cause the clay to soften - instead you should bring it inside during the winter or long periods of rain.


Use a wax or sealer to coat the chimenea in order to ensure its longevity. Make sure ti keep your clay chimenea as dry as possible - do not leave it exposed to harsh or wet weather. Keep your chimenea inside or in a dry place when it is not in use.

Deep Cleaning

Keep your chimenea away from leaves, trees or bushy areas as the burning materials and smoke can cause a fire hazard.

Water should not be used to clean a clay chimenea as this will soften it and could damage it. Clean out the ashes and debris, making sure you wear gloves to protect your hands. If you notice paint chipping, gently scrub off the flakes of loose paint with a wire gauze. Use a heat resistant paint to touch up any blemishes.